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Inducted into the   International Rock A Billy - Hall of Fame,   Jackson, Tennessee, August 6, 2011

 This is particularly sweet, since Jackson, Tennessee is my home town, and it was an honor to be listed

with the other great musicians that called  Jackson, their home.




Gumball Studio 

has been working 

towards the production of quality videos, using our in house material!

Currently you're Welcome to view a

very nostalgic look at

"Old Times Again"


 Writer:   Jimmy Luke Paulman,    specifically for BILLY WEIR and contains

rare pictures, "not in the public domain".





Good News for     Paulman &Weir


Jimmy Luke and I are also honored to now be members of 

the Nashville Rock A Billy Hall of Fame as well:

                                                           Bob Timmers

Jimmy Luke   #362   03/10/11         Billy # 371     07/15/11









  The 1st project of my own!

  The last project of my own!


a combination of the "right" songs, 

the "right" musicians, and, of course, the "right studio", 

the "right" producer in Kenny Jones, and

  the "right" time!


song demos:


Gumball  Records, (and I). is proud to make available


  "the First & Last"

by: Billy Weir


downloads are  available from:




iTunes, Napster, Amazon, Amazon UK and 


just about any place you can imagine.









We have added the convenience of paying with


"Rock A' Billy",   A Slice Of Rock n" Roll History and More      $15.00 

"Rock A' Billy",    Here We Go Again                                        $10.00

"the First and Last"     Cd                                                         $10.00














The Legacy of Jimmy Luke  Lives on:







After a silence of decades, Jimmy "Luke" Paulman has emerged from those "quiet years", 


with a solo project that brings to light,  the talent that was often overshadowed


by the headline artists, that he often was associated with.





Gumball Records is proud to make available


Jimmy Luke & Southern Sweets


for song clips and info:












Join us on 




  His Dancing Light"

 written my Anita Goodman

& played by Glenn Bradberry 

Bill's Photo by Kenny Jones



Gumball Studio